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Why work with us?

You are a thought leader. You have ideas and methods solve problems. People get great insights but they don’t use what you teach. We know how to create learning journeys that cause transformation. Amplify impact. Give you analytics controls of your community. We are a brain trust at the cutting edge of behavioral change The secret to why we are the best IP creators Kay’s formula + understanding Andy tech expert

Who we serve

Emtel Global specializes in behavioral change and emotional intelligence development that helps companies build, develop and deliver training, tools, and products that empower people to perform and thrive in a business environment. Here are the types of customers we typically work with:


You have a brilliant idea that trains emotional intelligence and prompts behavioral change as a product that will be sold to B2B or B2C end users. Perhaps its an app, software, website or a course. But you don't have the knowhow to build the learning journey. We are you partners in developing the intellectual property and deploying the big idea via a digital platform.


Your company wants to deploy methods or tools that help its employees perform better at work, overcome communications barriers, or become more effective by learning transformational techniques. You know what curriculum you want to develop but don't have the in-house expertise. We can take your concepts and offline strategies and deploy them as employee ready tools as a course, app or web delivered experience.

Human Resource Professionals

As a human resources professional, you have been tasked with implementing employee empowering strategies and tools that help them perform better at work. You have existing material or have a concept or idea that need to be deployed.We are the team you are seeking to help realize your vision and deliver the curriculum or employee growth product.

Thought Leaders / Authors / Speakers

We work with thought leaders that include speakers, authors, consultants and strategists that want a partner to help develop their emotional intelligence strategies and methods and enable them as end-user tools on apps, the web and online training courses and help them expand their offerings.

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We offer the following services:

Emtel Global is a company that understands how to harness the power of emotional intelligence methodologies to create learning experiences that expand end-user abilities to operate as high-level performers.

Concept Evolution

We can take your thought leadership content and expand it into learning experiences, whether from your speaking practice, a book you may have authored, video or audio content that has already been created or new material you are testing for your market.

Book to Emotional Intelligence Course

We can adapt your book into interactive emotional intelligence tools, like courses, apps or web tools, that are audience ready.

IP Deployment

We can adapt, expand and build your intellectual property into fully delivered digital tools

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